Friday, March 31, 2017


North Carolina Bathroom Bill collapses under weight of multiple blackmails

By Howie Katz

Big Jolly Politics
March 30, 2017

The NCAA gave North Carolina a deadline of this week to repeal its controversial Bathroom Law or else! The or else is the loss of March Madness games as long as the law remains in effect. The North Carolina legislature met the NCAA’s blackmail demand Thursday and the state’s new Democratic governor has indicated he will sign the repeal measure.

When North Carolina passed its bathroom bill a year ago it was immediately set upon by the NBA which switched its 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans. Bruce Springsteen took his scheduled concert for a hike. The NFL announced that none of its special events would be held in the state as long as the Bathroom Law remained in effect. Major conventions were switched to other states and some major corporations announced a boycott of the state.

Thus North Carolina was subjected to multiple blackmails … and they succeeded. It was estimated that the controversial law would cost the state some $4 billion over 12 years.

The repeal of the Bathroom Law, however, pleased nobody. Conservative lawmakers were infuriated. In order to mollify them, the legislature included a compromise provision which prohibits local jurisdictions from passing any of their own anti-discrimination laws or ordinances until December 2020. That has angered the LGBT community and human rights groups. And the conservatives are still pissed off.

North Carolina’s Bathroom Law was identical to the bill passed by the Texas senate. Texas has received the same blackmail threats from the NFL, NBA and some major corporations. The NCAA will almost surely impose a March Madness boycott of the state if the bill, which is lingering in the House, were to pass.

There is an old saying: Money talks, bullshit walks! Passage of a Bathroom Law will cost the state of Texas billions of dollars. And that is the real reason why the Texas Bathroom Law will not be enacted.

We are in the era of political correctness and those of us who are conservatives might as well learn to live with it.

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Anonymous said...

The bathroom bill should be law in Texas. Texans should not be blackmailed by Sports Teams. Loss of money? Sure. But that cuts both ways. Texas has record numbers of folks moving here to get away from political correctness. Now that's money in the bank!