Thursday, March 23, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas has been doing pretty well in the diversity department until recently. They have a fair number of Muslim students. Those students would go into room C112 and pray a couple of times a day as their religion requires. This is a spare classroom and is used, among other things, for Buddhist meditation and for teachers to hang out and grade papers. This has been going on for seven years and apparently didn't bother anybody.

However it does bother the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton. It seems that he believes the room is exclusive to Muslim students and that this discriminatory practice is of dubious legality. He has written the school board to express his concern.

The Frisco Independent School District board say the AG is full of shit. They further assert that the AG didn't even inquire about the practice before they went 5150 on it.

Last year Paxton dove into a lawsuit in Killeen, Texas to support a nurses aid who put up a Christian quotation from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on a banner in her school. The principal ordered the aid to take the banner down. Eventually a lawsuit was filed against the principal by the nurse with the support of Paxton. The lawsuit was successful.

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