Wednesday, March 29, 2017


by Bob Walsh

It could happen. You might recall that, despite polling to the contrary, the Scottish independence referendum bit the big weenie by nearly 11% last year. You might also recall it took place BEFORE the Brexit vote, and that Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the E.U.

This situation may (or may not) prompt a re-do of the referendum to create an independent Scotland, which would then presumably vote to stay in, or re-enter, the E.U.

Splitting Scotland off from the U.K. would be difficult but not impossible. They have their own banking system and much of their own independent government already. There would have to be some sort of accommodation reached with the U.K. over military bases, infrastructure and the like but it is certainly doable.

This may be fun to watch, especially if you are watching it from the OUTSIDE.

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