Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Bruce Jenner: He or she? Does Brucella still have a dick?

Right now nothing is more controversial than the Privacy Act, better known as the Bathroom Law, which just passed the Texas state senate by an overwhelming majority. The bill passed despite opposition by the business community and blackmail efforts by the NFL and NBA in threatening to prevent their special events from being held in the state if a privacy act were to be enacted.

When North Carolina passed its bathroom law, the NFL and NBA immediately announced that the Super Bowl and the NBA All Star Game would no longer be held in that state. An assortment of celebrities, as can be expected, also weighed in. Beyonce, that pro-Black Panther, anti-police mega star, urged a boycott of the state. Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Moore and Sharon Stone are among those who have stated that they find the NC law ‘hateful’ and discriminatory.

Opponents of the Bathroom Law assert that it discriminates against transgenders and that its supporters are nothing but a bunch of lowdown bigots. Those on the left have joined with the LGBT political bloc in declaring that transgenders should be designated as a protected class.

Now what about those transgenders? Were they born that way? I don’t think so. Take former Olympian Bruce Jenner for example.

Brucella Jenner – oops, I mean Bruce, waited until his 60s to decide he was really a woman. And that was after three marriages and fathering six children, two with each of his wives. He didn’t develop a gender identification problem until he got mixed up with the Kardashians. He or she(?) chose the first name of Caitlyn. I thought Brucella was more appropriate.

So is Jenner a he or she? I’ll believe Caitlyn is a woman when Jenner can get pregnant.

Whether Jenner has a mental problem or whether his transformation is the phony attempt to resurrect a fading star we’ll probably never know. But what about the other transgenders, be they schoolchildren or young adults? If they were born boys they are really boys and if they were born girls they are really girls, both physically and mentally. If later in life they develop a gender identification problem, that’s a mental problem which can be cured with some serious head shrinking.

What about the accusation that the Texas Privacy Act bill is discriminatory? Horseshit! Show me where this bill if passed would discriminate against those seeking jobs, housing or medical care. All it does is to protect girls and women from having to use toilets and take showers together with men. That’s not being discriminatory!

As I’ve said before, I have a simple rule for the use of school and public bathrooms: The person who has a dick uses the Boys/Men’s room, the person who does not have a dick uses the Girls/Ladies room!

The bathroom law provides for the safety not only of normal people, but also for the transgenders who are liable to get the crap kicked out of them, or worse, by some angry father or husband if one with a dick enters a Girls/Ladies room.

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bob walsh said...

I was the Lieutenant for the reception center at a good size state prison for some time. Every once in a while an intake inmate would have a snivel about this issue. At least in CA the rule was pretty simple. IF the birth certificate says male AND the prisoner has a dick, then they are male and are place in a men's prison. Pretty straight-forward. Didn't matter if you had tits or not, if you had a dick you were not a girl.