Friday, March 31, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Donald Harvey, 64, was known to the media as THE ANGEL OF DEATH. He admitted to murdering 37 hospital patients in Ohio and Kentucky.where he worked as a hospital nurses aide. He was beaten to death in his cell at the Ohio state prison in Toledo on Tuesday.

Harvey also admitted to murdering an additional 18 patients in a VA facility in Ohio where he had worked. He was never charged with those deaths as he made the admission after he was already sentenced for the other murders. He poisoned most of his victims by spiking their food with arsenic or cyanide.

He has been a guest of the state since 1987, having made a plea to avoid the death penalty. He was caught by a medical examiner who happened to smell some cyanide while doing a post-mortem on one of the victims. Most of Harvey's victims were chronically ill or elderly..

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