Thursday, March 30, 2017


3 home invaders shot dead with AR-15 at Oklahoma residence, getaway driver faces first-degree murder charges in their deaths

By Phil Gast

March 29, 2017

Three teenagers dressed in black and wearing masks and gloves were killed by a resident when they broke into a home, Oklahoma authorities said Monday.

A fourth suspect, the alleged getaway driver, now faces first-degree murder counts in their deaths, authorities said.

The 23-year-old son of the homeowner fired the fatal shots from a AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, officials said. One suspect had a knife, and another carried brass knuckles.

"Preliminary investigation looks like it's self-defense," said Wagoner County Sheriff's Deputy Nick Mahoney, cautioning the investigation was continuing into the midday home invasion.

The shooter voluntarily spoke with investigators. Neither he nor his father was hurt.

The deceased suspects were 16, 17 and 19 years old, the sheriff's office said.

A 21-year-old woman, who Mahoney said may have been a getaway driver, turned herself into Broken Arrow police shortly after the shooting.

Elizabeth Rodriguez was arrested on three counts of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of second-degree burglary, Chief Deputy Les Young said. She is in the Wagoner County jail.

Rodriguez went to police in Broken Arrow, a Tulsa suburb, and told them she was involved, he said.

Oklahoma state law says that first-degree murder occurs if "any other person takes the life of a human being during ... first degree burglary." Another condition is if a person causes the death of another person with "malice aforethought."

Shortly before 12:30 p.m. Monday, the suspects broke through a door in the back of the home outside Broken Arrow. The young man, who was there with his father, encountered them.

"There was a short exchange of words, then gunfire happened," Mahoney told reporters.

Two of the suspects were in the kitchen; the other was found on the driveway. The suspects' names were not released. Young said Tuesday afternoon that medical officials are working to confirm their identities.

Mahoney said it did not appear the residents and intruders knew each other.

The homeowner's family is saddened that their son had to take three lives, Mahoney said.

Young told reporters that there is a witness, but he wouldn't say whether the person was in the house or outside. The person "gave some information," Young said.

Authorities said the neighborhood has a low crime rate, but resident Leon Simmons told CNN affiliate KTUL-TV in Tulsa there have been a few burglaries in the past six months.


by Bob Walsh

This little experiment in being prepared comes to us from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa this most recent Monday. Three miscreants forced their way into a home occupied by a 23-year old man, the son of the homeowner. One of the intruders was armed with a toad-sticker, the other with brass knuckles. All wear wearing black clothing, gloves and masks. Unfortunately for them the 23-year old was armed with an AR-15 and knew how to use it.

When the brass stopped flying all three of the intruders were rapidly assuming ambient temperature and were fully rehabilitated. Two died in the house, the third in the driveway attempting to reach their getaway card, the driver of which took off when the shit hit the fan. The three dead guys were aged 16, 17 and 18.

The dumb-ass getaway driver actually went to the cops to make a statement. She was promptly arrested and under Oklahoma's felony murder rule is looking at three counts of murder-one for the deaths of his dumb-ass buddies. The getaway driver is Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21. None of the other involved persons has been named by the Wagoner County S. O.

Oklahoma law specifically permits the use of deadly force in response to home invasion.

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Bringing a knife to a gun fight? How did that work out for you?