Monday, March 13, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There is, in my mind, a difference between the following: God, faith, religion, church. There is clearly some connection but they are not the same thing. Sometimes people who know better should realize that but don'.t

The Word of Faith Fellowship is a "secretive religious sect" depending of course on who you ask. It hangs out in and around Spindale, North Caroline. It seems that the local District Attorney asserts that two of his local assistant prosecutors deliberately tanked the investigation into abuse by members of this group. The two are no longer employed and may have further problems of their own.

District Attorney David Learner asked that the state investigate the matter. Allegedly the former prosecutors provided legal advice and set up strategy sessions and a mock trial to assist four congregants who were accused to harassing a former congregant. One of the former prosecutors is the son-in-law of the group's leader and is alleged to have disrupted a social services investigation into child abuse complaints made against members of the sect.

A total of 43 previous members of the group have come forward with charges against the group.

The two former prosecutors, Chris Back and Frank Webster, are currently under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

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