Thursday, March 23, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Susan Talamantes-Eggman is my local assemblywoman here in Stockton. She is a hard-core liberal (though is personally very pleasant). She has not, however, managed to absorb the old adage about the free lunch.

Ms. Eggman has proposed a piece of legislation that would make tuition FREE in the formerly state of California for state residents at community colleges and state universities.

Her proposal, AB 1356, would put an additional 1% income tax on persons earning more than $1 million a year in order to pay for this "free" higher education.

California's income is biased very heavily on high-income wager earners. About 1.5% of CA income tax payers pay about 50% of the state income tax. When the economy goes poorly, the state income tax revenue dips precipitously. As we all know it is difficult to take away freebies once they are given away. This could, if passed into law, become very, very expensive for Californians indeed.

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