Wednesday, May 31, 2017


by Bob Walsh

An argument of a freaking parking spot led to two separate shooting events in Miami Beach over the weekend resulting in two dead people.

The first exercise in conspicuous stupidity started late in the evening on Sunday when an asshole in a white BMW tried to squeeze into a parking spot that was too small along Ocean Drive in South Beach. The driver hit a parked Buick, several times, while attempting to park. At that time the Buick owner came over and asked the driver how many more times he intended to smash into his car.

At that time the BMW driver handed a gun to a 19-year old passenger, who opened fire as the BMW pulled away. The Buick owner took a leg shot. other man was hit in the head and killed.

The BMW kept going even after hitting two police cars. That aggravated the local constabulary who shot the dogshit out of the BMW. One suspect in the car died at the scene. A second fled and provided a snack for a K-9 officer. The other two, including the shooter, Jeffery Alexander, 19, of New York, were taken into custody. The wounded Buick owner identified Alexander as the shooter.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, Miami. Home of the term car-jacking!