Friday, May 19, 2017


El Sonrics of Los Zetas was killed in 2010, now turns up alive and shot

By Hector Castro

El Norte
May 18, 2017

Monterrey, México -- The shootout that occurred yesterday in the Cumbres Elite Colonia left an unusual casualty, it was reported that among the two injured was a man that in 2010 was reported killed by the army.

Miguel Abrego Nava, 42 years old, alias "El Sonrics", identified previously as a cell leader of Los Zetas in the south of the State.

Even though military sources signalled that on the 14th of August of 2010 that Abrego, who was one of the jefes that had the nickname "El Sonrics" had been killed with another three jefes in the Caracol Colonia, his name was included yesterday on the list of wounded in Cumbres.

He had been identified as the leader of Los Zetas in San Pedro since 2008. It is reported that the other person wounded yesterday was Eduardo Misael Martinez Rivera, 43 years old, an ex Judicial Police agent from Michoacan.

The attack was around 16:10 on the Cumbres Elite Avenue, between Cumbres de Himalaya and Cumbres de los Andes, in the first sector of Cumbres Elite Colonia, when a pick up that they were driving was shot at by sicarios that shot more than 60 rounds at the car.
Abrego was reported with bullet wounds in the Thorax, legs, and abdomen, meanwhile his accomplice had wounds to the Thorax. Abrego and his accomplice were ambushed by gunmen that were in a car and an Explorer.

Of the more than 60 shots that were fired, 29 hit the windshield of the Ranger and 10 hit the vehicle bodywork.

Despite the number of shots, which were fired in a busy Avenue of a residential sector, and one house had its windows shot out, there were no reports of any injuries outside of the criminals.

Abrego and his companion were aided by aided by Red Cross medics, who transferred them to the University Hospital, where they were last night reported as stable. At the scene of the attack were .223 calibre cartridge cases, used by AR-15 rifles as well as 9mm cartridge cases.

The public record of Abrego dates back to May 25th of 1998, when he was accused of carrying out an execution at a restaurant El Rey de Cabrito, as a debt for a cargo of cocaine.

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