Thursday, May 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Sgt. Cleon Brown works for the Hastings, Michigan police department. He always believed he was just about as white as it gets but a while back he took a genetic ancestry test which revealed he is about 18% black. Ever since then he asserts that he has been getting grief from his chief and co-workers. So he is suing.

He states the Chief has called him "Kunte" (after the character in Roots) and his co-workers are making Black Lives Matter remarks when he walks by. Even the mayor, since retired, took a few verbal shots at him according to Sgt. Brown's lawyer Karie Boylan.

Last year when the P.D. set up it's usual Christmas display in the lobby Sgt. Brown's figure was Santa Claus that year, with the notation 18% written on Santa's beard. The city has acknowledged the Christmas display incident.

Brown is suing the city, the chief, the deputy chief, another sergeant and the city manager, and Is asking $500,000.

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Anonymous said...

18%? He doesn't even qualify for the United Negro College Fund. Of course being a cop he may qualify for food stamps.