Sunday, May 21, 2017


by Bob Walsh

OK, what we are talking about here is traffic violations and not robberies or rapes. However, from a numerical standpoint it is a LOT of crime. About four million criminal acts per year. The formerly great state of California is moving towards making most traffic offenses civil infractions rather than criminal ones.

One of the results of this act is that, if passed, violators could not be jailed for refusing to show up in court or refusing to pay fines. I suspect this will greatly increase the scoff-law effect. It would also prevent the state from suspending the licenses of those who refuse to pay their fines.

It should be noted that this proposal is being pushed by the judiciary and not by the legislature, which may still go for it in any case. Most of the CA legislature loves criminals and will do everything in their power to make their life easier.

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Anonymous said...

California did this to themselves. The cycle of poverty that the harsh fines and unjust punishments created in order to boost revenue was unfair to poor people. California made criminals with this system. I read somewhere that three out of ten drivers are unlicensed in California. This is because their licenses have been cancelled for being unable to pay huge fines that continue to increase under the current system. The people have no choice but to drive illegally or lose their jobs.

It needs to be addressed. California is not alone in this abuse of the poor.