Sunday, May 21, 2017


By Cliff Pinckard
May 16, 2017

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio -- A police offer who suffered an accidental overdose last weekend after coming into contact with fentanyl during an arrest is recovering, reports say.

East Liverpool patrolman Chris Green nearly died from contact with the drug, requiring four doses of Narcan, WCPO Channel 9 reports.

According to Channel 9, Green pulled over a car on Friday and arrested two men, Justin Buckle, 25, and Cortez Collins, 24. Green noticed put on gloves and a mask after noticing white powder in the car.

However, once he returned to the police station another officer pointed out that Green had powder on his shirt. Green instinctively brushed at the powder while not wearing gloves.

An hour later, Green passed out at the station after contact with the powder.

"One of the officers had to catch him. He started collapsing," Police Chief John Lane tells CBS Pittsburgh.

Emergency workers gave Green a dose of Narcan at the station and three more doses at the hospital.

"This stuff is very dangerous. It takes just the slightest amount. Just like a little granule. Or it gets airborne, you inhale it. It could kill multiple people if it's in the air," Lane tells CBS Pittsburgh.

Green is now recovering at home and will return to work when he feels better, reports. The two suspects have been charged with tampering with evidence, but more charges are expected, Lane tells

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