Wednesday, May 24, 2017


New Jersey restaurant fires worker who left 'very gross and disrespectful' message on a police officer's receipt calling cops a 'pig'

By Liam Quinn

Daily Mail
May 23, 2017

A restaurant worker in New Jersey has been fired after writing 'cops pigs' on a receipt given to an officer.

A picture of the receipt from Sunday morning at Romanelli's Garden Cafe in Galloway was shared across social media over the last two days.

The photograph shows the receipt also had the word 'puercos' written on it - which is Spanish for swine.

Romanelli's owner was quick to react to the receipt, and posted a statement on the cafe's Facebook page.

'I find this very gross and disrespectful,' he wrote.

'We have reprimanded the employees involved. We support our local police department and all forms of law enforcement.

'I am the owner I have grown up in this town and I have always relied on the local police department to keep my self and my family and friends safe.

'I would appreciate it you could understand our frustrating situation. We would like to just let let everyone know we do not condone this type of behavior here.'

The comment was enough for some people, who praised the cafe for the response.

'Excellent! Bad situation and I feel it was handled properly. I understand you can't control everything, but you handled this with quickly and with purpose,' John Leon wrote.

'I have no idea what happened but knowing the type of service we have always received and seeing the owners quick reaction to terminate the offending employee I say what more could they do? I will of course keep coming to your restaurant,' Kim Myles said.

'I was impressed by your kindness and warmth when we met and chatted a few weeks ago in your restaurant. I'm even more impressed now. Your attitude and actions have encouraged me to visit your establishment more frequently,' Justine Lukin added.

However, others remained furious at the restaurant - despite it seemingly doing all it could after the offensive note was found.

'This business hires thugs who have hate for the Police who protect us,' Kristos Theodorides wrote angrily.

'What a shame that this establishment would hire anti-police staff. I am beyond appalled at the sheer and utter disrespect towards law enforcement officers,' Jessica Rae added.

Despite the handful of negative comments, most seemed overwhelmingly in support of the Jersey eatery.


bob walsh said...

Fired or reprimanded. Story says both.

Anonymous said...

I hope her driving skills aren't as bad as her serving skills.