Tuesday, May 23, 2017


by Bob Walsh

I watch a fair amount of Fox News programming. One of the shows I often watch is THE FIVE. One of the regular people on that show is Bob Beckel, an old-line solid liberal (though not a liberal idiot). He is also a more or less solid Christian and an unabashed reformed substance abuser.

He was just canned by Fox for racial insensitivity. If the story going around is to be believed he got very snotty about the IT people sending a black IT tech to his office at Fox to work on his computer.

Beckel is also alleged to have attempted to intimidate the IT grunt into withdrawing his complaint.

The IT guy's lawyer has a total of 22 current clients with cases against Fox, 15 of them allege racial discrimination or behavior, many of them focused on the networks controller, Judith Slater, who has since been sacked.

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