Friday, May 12, 2017


For the second time in a month, a scorpion has been reported on board United Airlines flights

Forget snakes on a plane. It’s scorpions on United Airlines. This is the second time in a month that the poisonous critter has been reported on board the not so friendly skies of United Airlines.

As a United Airlines flight was waiting Thursday to take off for Ecuador from Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport, several passengers reported seeing a scorpion on board. All the passengers were evacuated from the plane. A search of the plane failed to find the little creature with the stinging tail. After a three-hour delay, the passengers left for Ecuador on a new plane.

On April 9, passenger Richard Bell was eating lunch on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Calgary. Suddenly something hit his hair. It was a scorpion that had fallen out of an overhead bin. Not knowing what it was, Bell brushed it out of his hair. The scorpion fell onto his meal tray. When Bell tried to brush the little bastard off, he was stung by its tail. Then the scorpion headed down the aisle, alarming several passengers. Flight attendants were able to catch the scorpion and flush it down the shitter. Medics were waiting to treat Bell when the flight arrived in Calgary. The plane itself had landed rarlier in Houston after a flight from Costa Rica.

Fly the friendly skies of Scorpion Airlines.


Anonymous said...

A scorpion bite can kill.

bob walsh said...

What's the big deal. Pets in the overhead don't need tickets, do they?