Wednesday, May 17, 2017


by Bob Walsh

I worked for the CA prison system for many years. For much of that time the system was specifically prohibited by court order from using drug dogs to screen visitors. Some asswipe judge was afraid that the dogs would intimidate visitors and cut down on visiting for criminals.

The state has found now that a pilot program at eleven prisons where dogs were used was reasonably effective and is substantially increasing the number of drug sniffer dogs and handlers at the prisons. There will eventually be two dogs and handlers at each of the state's 35 prison facilities.

I remember once upon a time we brought in a dog during the evening hours to search the cells (which we could still do with no problem). After a while we just had the handler direct the dog to bark a couple of times when they entered the housing unit. You would then hear dozens of toilets flush all over the unit. They didn't find a lot of drugs, but we got rid of a lot of drugs that way.

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Good strategy.