Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Man, 36, 'drenched in blood walks into a grocery store carrying his mother's severed HEAD on Mother's Day before stabbing an employee'

By Liam Quinn

Daily Mail
May 15, 2017

A man who reportedly was drenched in blood and carrying his mother's severed head when he walked into a grocery store and stabbed an employee has been arrested.
Joshua Lee Webb, 36, allegedly walked into the Estacada Thriftway Harvest Market in Oregon on Sunday afternoon. Authorities say he was also carrying a large kitchen knife at the time.

Just minutes after he strolled into the store and grabbed the employee, authorities discovered the body of Webb's 59-year-old mother, Tina, in her home about 10 miles away.

Police have revealed they believe the two gruesome incidents are connected.

Ernie Roberts, interim police chief in nearby Sandy, Oregon, spoke to reporters Monday about what happened inside the grocery store.

After walking inside, Webb stabbed the worker - who was known by locals as 'Mike'.

Mike, a white-haired checkout clerk, had worked at the store for years and was beloved by customers for his warm greetings and sense of humor, locals said.

Co-workers raced to Mike's aid after he was attacked, tackling Webb and pinning him to the ground until police arrived.

Roberts said the 36-year-old attacker did not say anything after he was 'subdued' - except for the bizarre moment when he told someone he was thirsty.

'He was in like a catatonic state, wasn't speaking to anybody,' the cop said.

'That's why he was transported to the hospital.'

Mike remains in hospital for treatment on the wounds he suffered in the attack, but he is expected to survive.

Soon after the attack, someone called 911 to report that a woman's body was found at a home in Colton, a short drive south of Estacada.

Police did not say if the body was decapitated.

The attack sent shock waves through the community, and customers were seen stopping off in a steady stream to drop off balloons at a tribute for Mike in front of the store. Many also signed a giant get-well poster.

Webb also remains in hospital.

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