Tuesday, February 05, 2019


Joe to the rescue! Biden is a mile in front of other 2020 Democrats in new poll and is their only hope to beat Trump in Iowa

Daily Mail
February 4, 2019

Joe Biden tops Democrats' wish-list for their 2020 presidential candidate and, in the battleground state of Iowa, he's the only member of his party who beats President Donald Trump, new polls reveal.

EDITOR’S NOTE: But in other states, today’s Dems may favor the likes of Camel Harris or Cory Booker. But still, Trump better pray that Biden does not enter the race.

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bob walsh said...

This far out polls are essentially meaningless, but Biden does not name recognition on a national scale, others have to buy it. In addition he is considered (correctly) by many to be a mildly offensive and therefore mostly inoffensive buffoon. He is therefore the perfect man to run against Trump because Trump is perceived to be horrid and a sure loser, even though Biden is so old he might not survive the campaign, let along a term in office.