Tuesday, February 05, 2019


Both Gov. Northam and Lt. Gov. Fairfax are failing the squeaky-clean image

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is facing a shitstorm of demands for his resignation because he appeared in blackface back in 1984. He admits he once put on shoe polish in order to do a Michael Jackson impersonation. After first admitting he was one of two men shown in a medical college yearbook – one in blackface, the other in a KKK hood and robe - he reversed himself and said he was neither of the men pictured in the yearbook.

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who would succeed Northam if he resigns, has his own problems. Vanessa Tyson, a Stanford University Fellow, accuses Fairfax of forcing her to give him a blowjob in a Boston hotel during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Tyson has hired the Washington law firm of Katz, Marshall and Banks to represent her, the same firm that represented Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford. Fairfax vehemently denies committing the sexual assault and his staff would have us believe he’s cleaner than Mr. Clean.

There went the squeaky-clean image of both men. Welcome to the Virginia governorship merry-go-round. And that’s a Democratic Party merry-go-round too.

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of those calling for Northam to resign are not so much concerned about his putting on blackface as they are eager for him to be replaced by a black man.

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