Thursday, March 19, 2020


by Bob Walsh

Italy is graduating their current class of medical doctors a tad early, without taking their final exams. They are desperate to get as many more-or-less qualified doctors into the field ASAP.

The U. S. Navy is stationing at least two hospital ships in the U. S. to assist in the expected Covid-19 patient load.

The U. S. military is releasing a LOT of N-95 respirators and several thousand ventillaters from military stores for civilian use ASAP.

Oil is bouncing off of $20 as barrel and may be below that by the time you read this.

The stock market has now given up about 1/3 of it's value from a month ago. Nobody who knows anything is willing to predict a bottom. (I am glad I moved a lot of my deferred comp account into bonds a year ago.)

Ford and GM just announced they are shutting down domestic production for the safety of production workers.

Bread, pasta and potatoes are in very short supply in stores, due largely to panic buying. There is no potato famine and no wheat blight. People should stop acting like idiots.

The SAT and ACT tests are being cancelled this year. College admission people will probably love that.

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Trey Rusk said...

Nothing will be the same after this Pandemic. Especially public (government) meetings, education and healthcare. Rules are being broken to accommodate the health of our citizens. I predict some rules will be changed after this because we will see that we don't really need them. Meetings will be broadcast and run over the net with board members never having to leave home and the public being able to participate via Skype. Public education will never be the same because a lot more people will use the internet. Mom's will stay home and teach their children through district issued Ipads and will no longer have to pay daycare and can work from home. Healthcare rules have already been relaxed as far as licensing, tele-meds and HIPAA rules. Look for it. It's coming to your town soon.