Sunday, March 22, 2020


by Bob Walsh

On Friday afternoon there was a family disturbance at a city park on South Sutter Street. When the cops showed up they found numerous gunshot victims, all from the same family. It appeared to be an internal family beef rather than the usual gang shooting. So far as I know there is only one dead.

In addition a 16-year old girl with a toad sticker went after a nine-year old boy and a 55-year old man on Friday. When the cops showed up the girl wouldn't drop the knife and the cops body-slammed her happy ass. She's lucky she didn't get shot. The young lady is in custody for ADW, resisting arrest, vandalism, battery and felony stupidity.

I am happy to report the denizens of Stockton are working diligently to maintain a veneer of normalcy in these trying times.

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