Monday, March 06, 2017


Israel moves toward decriminalizing marijuana use

Associated Press
March 5, 2017

JERUSALEM -- Holy smokes! The Israeli government has taken a step toward decriminalizing marijuana use.

Israeli media say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet has approved a measure that would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana. If caught, smokers would pay a fine, instead of facing criminal charges.

Netanyahu said ahead of Sunday's meeting that a "new enforcement policy" should be drawn up "cautiously and in a controlled manner."

The decision does not mean that Jerusalem will now have Amsterdam-style coffee shops. The Haaretz daily said a committee would study ways to regulate the use of pot.

Opposition lawmaker Tamar Zandberg told Haaretz: "This is an important step, but not the end of the road. It sends a message that a million Israelis who consume marijuana aren't criminals."

EDITOR'S NOTE: With all it's troubles, the last thing Israel needs is to give the green light to pot smokers. Unless the IDF prohibits the use of marijuana, a stoned military will be unable to defeat Hamas or Hezbollah.


Anonymous said...

Marijuana, like alcohol in moderation is no big deal. Let's quit making criminals out of a lot of good people.

BarkGrowlBite said...

Where do you get this "making criminals out of a lot of good people" shit. Those good people are making criminals out of themselves by breaking the law. Breaking the law, that's what criminals do.

Anonymous said...

Just like ILLEGAL immigrants! Breaking the law, that's what criminals do. What's the difference?

BarkGrowlBite said...

Let me take your line of thinking a bit further. Suppose there is no difference. Why not just legalize illegal immigration? Why make criminals out of millions of hard working, low wage earners who only crossed our borders without the required papers? Yes, since there is no difference between smoking pot illegally and crossing our borders illegally, let's just legalize both the use of pot and illegal immigration. Both problems solved.