Friday, March 03, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Elaine Howell is the State Auditor in the formerly great state of California. She is mostly a straight shooter, something that is hard to be at the upper levels of this P. C. cesspool. A couple of interesting items have drawn her attention in her latest report.

It seems that several relatively high-level persons at the Department of Health Care Services maintained, or at least used, an unofficial and possibly illegal "shit list" to make hiring decisions. This list was first created about three years ago and had 27 names on it. These people were not to be hired. There was no reason given for this list existence being in existence or how a person got on it, or had their name removed from it. The best that they said it was an "efficiency measure" to keep them from repeatedly interviewing individuals that they had found they did not want to see again.

Another miscreant spent about seven hours a week taking unauthorized smoke and meal breaks. I expect the unauthorized breaks wasn't so much an issue as was the fact they were consuming TOBACCO.

If they had been smoking pot it probably would have been fine.

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