Saturday, March 04, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Markeith Loyd is currently a guest of the people in Florida. He was arrested a few weeks back for allegedly murdering his pregnant girlfriend and an Orlando cop. Depending on which way the wind is blowing at the time he is either a supportive boyfriend looking forward to fatherhood or a misogynistic asshole or a wannabe gangster. Right now he may (or may not) be a "domestic terrorist" courtesy of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

When Loyd appeared in court this week he refused to enter a plea. He asserted that the government has no ability to charge him as he is a Sovereign Citizen. He also seemed to be under the impression that the court itself had charged him rather than the D.A. on behalf of the people of the state of Florida. He then told the judge, "Y'all can't do nothing to me." (Then how come his happy ass is in jail?)

The judge ruled that Loyd was in fact competent to defend himself (must be a very low bar) and appointed a public defender as his standby.

Sovereign Citizens are kooks who believe that the government is sitting on a hoard of money that belongs to them and that by separating themselves from their "corporate self" they can legally access this money. The money in this secret trust allegedly comes from the government in some fashion selling their future earnings to foreign powers and stashing the income from that sale in this secret trust. Could also have a lot to do with untaxed and contaminated alcohol and brain rot. I'm not too sure about that but I wouldn't be surprised.

IMHO, for what that is worth, is that if you live here you need to either live by the rules or change the rules. Barring either one of these, you can always leave.

Life is hard. Its harder if you're stupid.

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