Wednesday, May 17, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Dan Schnur was at one time the head of the Fair Police Practices Commission. He was named to the gig by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2010 and served as the chair for only about seven months. He has just been jacked up by his own commission by donating $125,000 to himself for campaign expenses during his run for Sec State three years ago. Actually the donation is acceptable, but you have to report it. He didn't. It is hard to believe he didn't know he had to, considering his job.

The agency is seeking a $4,500 fine against Schnur which he has agreed to. The five-member commission is likely to endorse the settlement at it's regular meeting next week.

After finishing out of the money in the run for the gig he realized he didn't have enough funds in the coffers to pay his debts and loaned his campaign his own money to cover the debts. Seems to me to be the honorable thing to do. (He even finished behind Leland Yee, who is now doing time for gun running and corruption.) He was also dinged for numerous lesser errors or oversights, depending on how one looks at such things.

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The only thing worst than a politician is a child molester.