Thursday, May 04, 2017


One of two Houston area robbers appeared to be a man who was wearing a wig, a woman’s dress pants and high-heeled shoes

Harris County sheriff’s deputies are looking for two men who robbed two businesses Tuesday morning in the northwestern part of greater Houston. The robbers are described as:

“The first male subject is described as a [medium] build black male 6’0 in height and weighing 220 to 240 [pounds]. He was wearing a brown colored sports coat and dark shirt, bow tie and dark colored slacks.

The second male was wearing a long straight black colored wig, and is 5’6 to 5’7 in height and weighing 150 [pounds]. He was wearing women’s dress pants with a red colored jacket and black colored high heeled shoes.”

The well-dressed pair fled in black late model Mercedes Benz C-class sedan. You’ll have to admit this pair is classy.

It’s also quite possible that the man wearing the wig, dress and heels is a transgender robber. Surveillance camera pictures of him bear a slight resemblance to Brucella Jenner.

I can imagine this conversation between the two crime partners several days before the robberies:

“Hey partner, I was watching the Kardashians on TV and there was Bruce Jenner all decked out as a woman. You know what, like Jenner, all of a sudden I believe I’m a woman too. I’m going to start wearing a wig and dress like who I really am, a woman.”

“Hey, that’s fine with me. Let’s start robbing some businesses so we’ll have enough money for you to get a sex change operation. And then I won’t have to fuck you in the ass anymore.”

“That sounds great. Then I won’t have the red ass anymore. We can thank Jenner for this. Either way I can’t lose. If we don’t get caught, we’ll have enough money for the operation. If we do get caught, the state will have to pay for my sex change operation while I’m in prison.”

OK, so maybe he’s not a transgender. But he could very well be one.

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Anonymous said...

First day in TDCJ. "Hey Boy! You sure got a pretty mouth."