Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Special needs boy, seven, is handcuffed at school by police and placed in a mental facility for a WEEK without his parents' approval where he was 'beaten and tasered'

Associated Press and Daily Mail
May 17, 2017

The family of a seven-year-old boy says his outburst last week at school led to police handcuffing him and placing him in a behavioral health facility without notifying a parent.

The boy had a violent outburst and was banging his head against the wall at Gabe P Allen Elementary in Dallas, Texas on May 9 when police handcuffed him, his mother April Odis told CBS Dallas.

An investigator hired by the family's attorneys, David Ramirez, said that the boy has hyperactivity and mood disorders.

The boy became upset at his charter school, which called Dallas Independent School District Police, Ramirez said.

'When I got there, (I said) "Where's my baby?"' mother April Odis said, recalling her attempt to pick up her son in an interview with NBC Dallas.

According to Odis, the school employee told her: 'Oh, he's not here. He was acting out, he was saying the absurdities, so he's gone.'

The boy's family shared photos showing what they claim are bruises from a police officer's nightstick on the boy's legs, and marks on his back from where he was allegedly tased.

'He was denied his safe place,' Odis said. 'I feel cheated and my son feels cheated.'

Ramirez says the boy's mother was later told he was in the Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital but his parents were unable to secure his release for a week.

Ramirez says the boy was sedated and not released until Monday.

A school district spokeswoman says the actions by district police were their own and not a matter of district policy. District police didn't return messages.

Ramirez says the boy's outbursts are often triggered by teasing from other children.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is always a public outcry when cops handcuff a young child, but that is done for both the protection of the officers and the child.

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bob walsh said...

It is very hard to physically restrain and out-of-control youngster without hurting them or having somebody else get hurt. It is terrible optics, but it works and is relatively safe for all concerned. Deal with it.