Sunday, May 07, 2017


Intended target of Houston drive-by shooters fires back and hits all three, killing two and wounding the other

About 3:30 Saturday morning, three black gentlemen driving a late model Nissan Altima passed by a house on Glenburnie Drive near Mercedes Lane in Houston. They either did not like the looks of the house or they held some sort of grudge against the black homeowner.

The occupants of the Altima opened fire. The home owner either came out of the house or was already outside. He returned fire. They had a good old fashioned Texas-style shootout. Many shots were exchanged. The Altima left but came to a crashing stop a short distance down the street.

All three drive-by shooters were hit. One died at the scene, another died at a hospital where the third one is recovering. The homeowner was not hit.

This sure beats those drive-by shootings in South LA where the intended victim rarely ever returns fire. Bunch of California pussies!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they were expected.

bob walsh said...

IN CA mostly only cops and criminals have guns so shooting back is not an option, unless all parties involved are criminals (which isn't uncommon).