Thursday, May 04, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Who says congressional hearings are always dull. James Comey, Director of the FBI, was being asked questions today and something very interesting cam up. It seems that some media outlets are asserting that there is in fact an email trail somewhere that asserts that Loretta Lynch, formerly the head of the Justice Department under Emperor Barack I, (or somebody speaking for her) promised that the fix was in on the Hillary investigation and that Ms. Lynch would ensure that Hillary was in no real danger from the investigation.

What is REALLY interesting that when Comey was asked a few questions along those lines he flat-out refused to answer, saying that he could not discuss the issue in a public setting.

You just KNOW that the congressional Republicans are going to inquire into this in a closed setting, which will leak before Comey can drive back to his office.

Maybe I just have a little Schadenfreude thing going on here, but it would just make my day (hell, it would make my YEAR) if the powers that be could hand some of these corrupt Democrap bastards up by their short hairs. I am not buying the champagne yet, but still......

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