Tuesday, May 09, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There are some places where being a pizza delivery driver is a hazardous occupation. It would seem that the Dallas-Ft. Worth area may be among them.

The driver was going to an address on Springwood Drive near the Mesquite Metropolitan Airport shortly before midnight when he was confronted by two teenagers. The house was in fact empty and it would seem that whole thing was a deliberate and planned robbery. One of the teens shot first. The driver shot back. He was a better shot.

The young wannabe thugs fled, one of them not far. Young Wayne Osborne, 16, was found toes-up nearby. A second teen was found and arrested.

The delivery driver has not been charged with a crime though he has been suspended by Dominoes. He did have a valid permit for the weapon, a fact not known in the early news reports.

I strongly suspect the delivery driver will not be in any legal trouble, and may even get his job back. It is, after all, Texas. They do not approve of armed robbers in Texas and have no trouble with the concept of shooting back when fired on.

I wonder if Texas has a felony murder rule?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bob, in Texas the surviving robber will not be charged with the murder of his crime partner. The dipshit will be charged with aggravated robbery.

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