Monday, May 01, 2017


by Bob Walsh

David Watson, 28, is not a nice guy. He was doing 104 years for the attempted murder of a police officer in Delaware. He was taken by prison staff to a nut farm and escaped.

This is all a bit murky. Watson is facing charges of attempted murder in Wicoma County, Maryland but was doing time in Delaware. He was picked up by Wicomico County Correctional Officers and was taken to a psych facility for evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial on the additional charges. He somehow manged to slip his restraints and when the door was open on the transport vehicle he bowled over one of the transport officers and beat feet. For some reason I don't quite understand the officers weapons were secured in a gun safe in the vehicle when they attempted to unload him so they were unable to shoot his happy ass as he ran away.

They are offering a meager $5,000 reward. They have probably spent more in that on overtime since the 940 a.m. escape on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I read his restraints were found in the woods. I'll bet he had a key. This is either the worst prisoner transport ever or something smells.

bob walsh said...

My info is that the chains were found in the parking lot very close to the transport van. I STILL can't figure out why the artillery was in a lock box in the van while they were unloading the prisoner. They were not in a secured area, the prisoner ran to the woods from the van with no problem.