Friday, May 05, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Yes, it's true. Trayvon Martin, the well-known criminal, violent idiot and dead person who never went to college a day in his life will be awarded a posthumous degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Florida Memorial University, a historically black institution from which his mother is an alumni.

I guess being a burglar and a doper who attacks people on the street for no obvious reason other than not liking that the person was there is a resume enhancement after all. The school asserted that young Trayvon had a love for flying. I can believe it, though most people do it in an aircraft of some sort. The university is also the home of the Treyvon Martin Foundation, dedicated to furthering the careers of teenage burglars, thieves and illicit drug consumers.

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Anonymous said...

Let me put my boots on before I wade through this shit.