Saturday, March 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Anthony Silva was formerly the Alcalde of Stockton. He is currently a guest of the county, pending a $1 million bail, accused of money laundering and embezzling from the Stockton Kids Club, a charity he used to operate.

To no great surprise he doesn't like being in jail and says it is too cold in there. (Maybe he thinks the GP units have better heating. He is in PC himself.)

His next court date is this coming Monday. He wants his bail reduced, or at least dropped. He asserts he is no flight risk. He did voluntarily return from Columbia while on vacation to surrender himself so he might actually have a point there. Or not. He also is not a big fan of pre-trial detention in general. Big surprise there too. He gets one hour out of his cell every other day for recreation. Unless choking your chicken is recreation. Then you have lots of recreation.

Silva asserts the temp in the unit is in the mid-50s. The jail staff says 72. I wonder who is right? Silva further asserts he is being subjected to treatment bordering on torture because he used to be the mayor. He also doesn't like the noise.

Jails and prisons will continue to be unpleasant places until we start locking up a better class of people.

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