Monday, April 17, 2017


Transgender woman who 'suffered a broken penis when her lover had a heart attack and DIED during sex' sues the man's wife for damages

By Kelly McLaughlin

Daily Mail
April 16, 2017

A reality TV courtroom was left stunned after learning why a woman was suing the wife of her dead lover.

On an episode of Caso Cerrado - meaning case closed - Jennifer, who is transgender and still has her male genitalia, claimed that the defendant Sylvia's husband, Miguel, broke her penis when he had a heart attack and died while they were having sex.

Jennifer, who said she was hired by Sylvia to sleep with Miguel for his 60th birthday, appeared on Caso Cerrado in Miami to sue Sylvia for $20,000.

She told host Ana Maria Polo: 'After we had sex he said I didn't fully fulfill his fantasy.

'His real fantasy was that he wanted me to penetrate him. So I had sex with him and he liked it. I didn't think it was his first experience of that kind.'

She said that she thought Miguel was enjoying himself, but he suddenly had a heart attack and died while she was inside him.

Anna Maria asked: 'Why didn't you get up and walk away?'

Jennifer responded: 'Because I was stuck, my penis was inside him.'

She said that it was Sylvia who called the police and an ambulance after she phoned her to tell her she was stuck inside her husband.

Jennifer said she was mortified when 'all the units in Miami' burst into the room when she was only covered up by a sheet.

Doctors managed to pry the pair apart, but Jennifer says her 'penis was fractured' following the incident.

In the end, Jennifer and Sylvia decided to settle, with Sylvia paying $5,000.

The clip of the Spanish-language show, which first aired last October but resurfaced on the show's Facebook page last week, has been viewed more than 5million times.

Many commenters, however, claim that cases on the show aren't real.

One wrote: 'Show is super fake…they hire perfect strangers to act out stuff that may or may not have happened in real life.'

Another said: 'This show is so fake they contacted my brother to be in it lol And he did we watched my brother fight for a son when he doesn't even have kids lmao this is funny though.'

The show has a disclaimer that says many cases are acted out but based on real life events.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Fake case or real, some chutzpah! A broken dick … If Jennifer transgendered into a female, she doesn’t need her dick any more. Anyway, that’s what Jennifer gets for ramming his/her dick into Miguel’s asshole.

Call me a dinosaur, but I don’t dig this transgender crap. I think Jennifer, like Brucella Jenner, is using that trans shit for publicity to cash in on the phenomenon.

Take Brucella, for example. Bruce Jenner was married three times and had two children with each of his three wives. Talk about horseshit, Bruce was well into his 60s before – Eureka! – he discovered he was actually a woman. I don’t see where he had a gender identification problem until he got mixed up with the Kardashians. I’ll believe Caitlyn is a woman when Jenner can get pregnant.

I believe the transgender problem is a psychological problem, not a physiological one. A prolonged stay at Babbling Brooks Farm for some serious head shrinking will cure the problem, with the patient coming to terms with the fact that if he has a dick, he’s a male, and if she doesn’t have a dick, she’s a female.

But then I’m not politically correct.

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