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In one of several shootouts with the military in Tamaulipas State, ‘delinquents’ in a pickup truck with Texas plates fired on a Mexican Navy patrol

El Mañana
April 14, 2017

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas -- Members of the Mexican military, marines, and Fuerza Tamaulipas repelled attacks by armed groups yesterday in the cities of Matamoros and Río Bravo, in a battle scenario that left a total of 10 dead: six aggressors killed and four others were executed with a coup de grâce in a dispute between rival groups.

In the municipality of Río Bravo, members of the Navy of Mexico responded to gunfire in two separate incidents that killed four suspects belonging to organized crime groups.

The first violent incident occurred in the neighborhoods Paraíso and Paraíso Norte, where several individuals traveling in a pickup truck with Texas plates fired on the Mexican Navy, who were carrying out patrols.

The infantrymen repelled the aggression and a persecution was unleashed in the area. After the confrontation, one of the alleged offenders died and the navy seized a vehicle, a high-powered weapon, and communication equipment.

Through a statement, the Tamaulipas Coordination Group specified that later, another group of individuals on board two trucks attacked members of the navy, as it passed through gap #109, located at kilometer 14, in the rural area of the municipality.

These events resulted in the deaths of three alleged delinquents, which had assault weapons, magazines, and various equipment.

In social networks, it was said that one of the armed clashes resulted in the death of a man known as “Comandante Charmín.”

Ministerial authorities were informed of the two assaults on navy personnel, in order to follow up on corresponding investigations.

Meanwhile in Matamoros, Mexican army troops and state officials of the Fuerza Tamaulipas participated in various clashes during the afternoon.

At least six people died in a couple of points in the port of Tamaulipas.

Initially, four men were found executed Thursday afternoon, with a coup de grâce, inside an establishment located on the streets of Guerrero and 14, according to police reports.

Then, two gunmen were killed in a shootout in the Buena Vista neighborhood, which saw a mobilization of troops from the Mexican Army, accompanied by Fuerza Tamaulipas.

Persecutions and shootouts continued last night.

EDITOR’S NOTE: That pickup truck with Texas plates could be the one stolen from me in Houston. No, wait a minute, someone just told me my pickup was now a police car with the Matamoros Police Department. The cops just haven't bothered to take the Texas plate off yet.

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