Friday, April 21, 2017


by Bob Walsh

When I was a very young man I spent more than a little time on the upper end of Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. I saw much of the Free Speech Movement unfold before my eyes. True free speech advocates must be turning over in their graves right now.

Ann Coulter is a polarizing figure. She is not, however, either stupid or inarticulate. Perhaps that is why the left both fear and hate her. She was supposed to give a presentation at U C Berkeley. The university kept dumping more and more "security conditions" on her. Her presentation must be made during normal business hours (when many of the students would be in class). She said OK. Presentation must admit only students. She said OK. They demanded "fees" for extra security. She said OK. Wednesday the university said "fuck it" and told her that she would NOT be able to speak as they could not guarantee her safety or that of people who might attend her presentation.

She was told that the university was unable to find a "safe and suitable venue" for the event, scheduled for April 27. The Berkeley College Republicans (all six of them) and BridgeUSA (a non-partisan group promoting dialogue between groups) were both highly pissed. They now say they won't accept the cancellation and that Ms. Coulter is coming anyway and is going to speak. Her position: "No college accepting public funds can ban free speech."

According to the university all normally available campus spaces are booked for that day.

Lawyers are inivolved. This one could get interesting.

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