Friday, April 21, 2017


‘Get your motherfucking pilot ready because ain't nobody going nowhere’: Woman rants at police and flight crew after they tried to escort her off a Texas flight for causing a disturbance

Daily Mail
April 20, 2017

The moment a woman launched an expletive-laden tirade at a flight attendant in Texas has been captured on camera.

Footage of the bizarre incident was posted on YouTube on Wednesday night, and appears to show the frustrated flier on a flight in San Antonio.

The woman, who is not identified in the clip, is first seen seemingly addressing the flight crew from her seat near the back of the aircraft.

So I guess y'all not going nowhere, still. I was just bullshiting about them… I was going to be nice,' the woman is heard saying, as she stands up and storms up the aisle.

'But fuck all this, fuck all this shit.'

She is then seen appearing to confront a flight attendant stood at the front of the plane, as horrified passengers watch on and record the incident.

The unidentified woman is then seen gesturing wildly as she speaks to what looks like a captain and an attendant, before walking back to her seat.

'They're trying to say I'm disturbing her, that I'm disturbing the people on the plane, bitch that's crazy,' she said.

'You might want to get your motherfucking pilot and all your fucking crew ready because ain't nobody going nowhere.

'Trying to get me off this motherfucker and it's going to go down.'

The woman then turns to a passenger sat behind her and says, 'so I guess she's going to get somebody,' seemingly in reference to a flight attendant.

'That bitch ain't going to handle me.'

She then threatens to attack anyone who tries to take her off the plane, while referencing Dr David Dao – the man who was hauled off a United plane last week.

'That dude, that's a doctor, I ain't no doctor, I'm gonna beat your ass,' she is heard saying.

'I ain't drank nothing today. Find a reason to put me off this plane. They better find a real one because I'm already pissed.

'This is Trump's fault. Blame it on Trump.'

She is then seen sitting back down in her seat, before continuing to hurl insults at the attendant.

About a minute later, a man who identified himself as a San Antonio Airport police officer makes his way onto the aircraft and walks up to the woman's seat.

'They called me for a disturbance,' he is heard saying to the woman.

'There has not been a disturbance, that attendant totally lied on me, ask all of these people,' the woman said, pointing around at other passengers.

The cop continued: 'Listen, causing a disturbance, the captain wants you… the captain said he doesn't want you on his plane and you need to get off.'

When the woman tries to plead her innocence, the cop is heard saying: 'Listen, that is an issue for you and the airline, but at this moment the captain wants you off the plane.'

The woman then complains to a second officer, saying she is 'five or six hours late to a job', before the second cop replies: 'that's a customer service issue to take up with the airline.'

After a back-and-forth continued for about another minute, the first cop says: 'you are getting off the plane, ma'am.'

But at that exact moment, a message was broadcast over the intercom asking all passengers to get off the aircraft.

The video then cuts off as people were getting their bags and belongings together to disembark.

It is not clear what airline the flight was with, or where it was headed. The video has been viewed more than 5,000 times since it was posted.

It appears as though it was a Delta flight, based off the seating on the plane and in-flight magazines visible in seat pockets.

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Get all the passengers off the plane then remove her. That's how it's done!