Friday, April 28, 2017


by Bob Walsh

From what I gather Florida City, FLA is either a serious crime-ridden shithole, or it is inhabited largely by complete morons.

Martaevious Santiago was 17 on Tuesday. His sister, Tedra King, walked up to him in the family kitchen and gave him a nice hug for his birthday, then turned and walked away. He pulled a (stolen) gun from his pants, aimed at the back of her head and pulled the trigger, splattering her brains all over the kitchen. He then told the cops that it was an accident.

It seems that half of the people in the Washington Park neighborhood where they live is either a shooter or a shootee. Young Mr. Santiago was himself shot in the leg just before Christmas. The circumstances are a little fuzzy. His younger brother, Martwan Santiago, 15, was shot four times last year. (One incident, four bullets.) He is now paralyzed.

Martaevious asserts the gun was given to him by a 14-year old buddy. That friend was arrested by the cops on a warrant not related to this incident.

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