Wednesday, April 26, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Back we go to Chicago. Nobody has guns but cops and criminals. Back when, SCOTUS issued the Heller decision which told places like D.C. and Chicago that they could not outright ban handguns and could not make a blanket refusal of carry permits. In Chicago now it is at least theoretically possible to get a carry permit. You need, among other things, evidence of training. Trouble is, there is not a single commercial firing range in all of Chicago.

The local ordinance which governs such things prohibits the placement of a range near residential areas, schools, etc. These restrictions are so broad that there is only in theory 2% of the real estate in Chicago that could legally be used to set up a commercial firing range. So there are in fact none.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has found this restriction to be unreasonably burdensome. Chicago is, however, slow-dragging a change in the ordinance. So far very successfully. (It should be noted there are 11 law enforcement firing ranges in the city.)

Chicago lawyers were able to find only two instances of thefts from gun ranges in the entire U. S. in the last seven years. They also asserted the ranges were health and safety hazards, but made no such claims about law enforcement ranges. They also claimed that such ranges would be "crime magnets" but were unable to show any proof of such a claim. Commercial ranges in nearby cities have no such problems.

The power structure in Chicago (left-wing Democrat) is very slowly being dragged into compliance with the U.S. Constitution. It is about fucking time.

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