Tuesday, April 18, 2017


by Bob Walsh

London is a relatively old city and was the first city on the planet known to have hit a population of one million so it isn't wildly unusual for things to crop up unexpectedly. This, however, is truly unusual IMHO.

The Garden Museum in London was having some major rehab work done about a year ago when the discovery was made. The building is on the site of the old St. Mary-At-Lambeth Church, which was near the official London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Under the building they found a hidden crypt which contains the remains of five Archbishops of Canterbury. Only one of them, Richard Bancroft, has been identified. .He became Archbishop in 1604 and was deeply involved in the production of the King James Bible.

The reason I find this whole thing odd is the Archbishop of Canterbury was a very important person. One would think they would not have misplaced five of them.

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Apparently they were not missed.