Sunday, April 30, 2017


The world has not come to an end

by Bob Walsh

Well, yesterday Trump got 100days under his belt. It is interesting, I think, to note what DID NOT happen. He has not begun wholesale deportation of Muslim, Mexicans or illegal aliens in general. Hillary Clinton is not in jail. Nobody from MSNBC of CNN has been arrested for sedition or criminal stupidity. The sun still rises in the east, even though it no longer rises out of Barack Obama's anal orifice. The world has not come to an end.

On a negative note, all of those liberal assholes that said they would leave the country if Trump won are still here. Too bad we can't use that as criteria to revoke their citizenship and deport their happy asses.

Life is hard, and sometimes unfair.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget BGB's 2016 promise of vomiting while he voted for President Trump!