Saturday, April 15, 2017


Howard Stern calls on Trump to 'fire' Sean Spicer and says the White House press secretary speaks 'fluent moron' after shameful Hitler gaffe

By Joe Sheppard

Daily Mail
April 14, 2017

Howard Stern has called on President Trump to 'fire' Sean Spicer following the White House press secretary's 'inappropriate and insensitive' comments on the Holocaust.

The radio and television personality branded Spicer a 'laughingstock' who speaks 'fluent moron'.

On Tuesday, Spicer shocked the White House briefing room by suggesting that Adolf Hitler was the lesser of two evils when compared to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad when it came to using chemical weapons on their own people.

During the Holocaust, Hitler's Nazis used toxic gas to systematically exterminate millions of Jews.

Speaking on his SiriusXM radio show Stern, 63, said: 'When I heard this, I was like, Trump’s got to fire this guy.

'Spicer managed to make Assad look good. He actually got him to look not so bad for using chemical weapons on his own people because the discussion became, Sean Spicer, how could you not know that Hitler marched his own people - Jews, gypsies, homosexuals - to concentration camps and turned on chemical gas.

'It was somewhat remarkable that a guy this high up in the administration wouldn’t know this.

'The guy’s just not informed, and it’s kind of embarrassing — it’s just embarrassing. But it’s entertaining as hell.'

He added: 'If you’re looking for ratings and you’re looking for comedy, there’s nothing better than this.'

'But if I’m President Trump, I’m like, well Jesus Christ, we’re a laughingstock.'

Spicer has repeatedly apologized for his comments, telling CNN that he 'mistakenly used an inappropriate and insensitive reference to the Holocaust, for which frankly there is no comparison'.

And on Wednesday morning the press secretary said: 'I screwed up. From a professional level, I think it's disappointing because I think I let the president down.

'It was not a very good day in my history.'

EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaks “fluent moron.” Now that is cleverly funny.

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