Saturday, April 15, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There was a fairly good-size gang bust in Stockton and Reno on Thursday. Guns, drugs, money, people. One of the people gaffled up was Ashley Ezella Johnson, 31. She was found in possession of a gun and was charged with various conspiracy violations when she was booked. The interesting thing about Ms. Johnson is that she is (or more properly was) a San Joaquin County Correctional Officer.

The good thing is that since she was still on probation she was sacked instantly. Very little due process is due to probationary employees. She was also locked up in neighboring Stanislaus County for her own protection.

Ms. Johnson was one of 17 new Correctional Officers sworn in in August of last year. That begs the question of how much of a background check was actually done on her, how much of a background check was done on the other new hires and what sort of problems may be connected to this issue?

Maybe it has just been a slow news week but one of the local broadcast news outlets has been making a BIG DEAL of this and of the Sheriff's office refusal to talk about the matter.

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Anonymous said...

It's harder and harder to get new recruits. Dope, theft and gang membership disqualify most of the time. However, a Hispanic female will usually get bonus points on the written exam for being Hispanic and a female.