Friday, April 21, 2017


Houston Police Arrest One of Their Own on Meth Possession Charge

By Meagan Flynn

Houston Press
April 20, 2017

It had to be one no good very bad day for the Houston police officer who got arrested by members of his own police force earlier this month.

James D. Norman, who has been with the Houston Police Department just over three years, was arrested and charged with possession of between four and 400 grams of meth on April 4. He was immediately relieved of duty, with pay, pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation, said HPD spokesman John Cannon.

Police busted Norman, 34, after catching his roommate red-handed in a drug-dealing sting operation. According to the criminal complaint, an undercover officer arranged to purchase $1,200 worth of meth from Norman's roommate, Abelino Lemm, and she saw Lemm walk out of his apartment to meet her at her car window with the stash. After the transaction, HPD raided the guys' apartment with a warrant, finding Norman as well as a box of 5.1 grams of meth inside. Both men were taken into custody.

While the classic "it's not my dope" line or the "I have the right to remain silent" quip could have been ideal to utter in this moment, instead, according to the complaint, Norman admitted to police in a voluntary interview that he had smoked meth and GHB earlier in the day, telling officers where it could be found in the apartment.

Norman also told police he worked an extra HPD security job at this very apartment complex.

The officer is out on a $10,000 bond and on supervision.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone can get hooked on drugs. If this guy is smart he will ask for treatment and he just might keep his job.