Saturday, May 06, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Yes, tomorrow is Decision Day in the French presidential election. On one side is a left-centrist who is basically a warm-and-fuzzy, status quo kind of guy. On the other side is a hard-right borderline fascist who has no use for the E U. and no use for the flood of immigrants which threatens to overrun France and destroy the French culture by demographic pressure. The left-centrist has a handy lead in the polling and is expected to win.

Remind me, where was Hillary in the polls and what was the expectation for the outcome of that election.

I am not saying Marcon will win, as I did not predict Trump's win. I did, however, predict that the closet Trump vote would be much, much bigger than pretty much any of the talking heads were giving him credit for. Remember the Brexit vote? Remember the Scottish Independence Referendum? Voters sometimes make up their own minds what to do and do not always listen to the liberal intelligencia, and do not always tell pollsters the truth. And there is a 20% claimed undecided. I am not betting on Le Pen, but I would not bet against her either.

Viva La France.

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