Saturday, May 06, 2017


by Bob Walsh

The legislature of the formerly great state of California is, collectively, a pack of thieves. One of their favorite tricks is to set up a targeted tax, then divert the ;money, then cry poor and increase the tax because they need the money then divert it again, ad infinitum.

The democrap-controlled legislature did just that recently with the help of Governor Moonbeam. They increased the gas and diesel taxes, allegedly to repair the roads, which are legitimately in need or repair. Trouble is the $5 million they want from the increased on fuel and vehicle licensing is almost exactly the same amount that they have STOLEN from the road fund and moved into the general fund to cover the cost of bullshit feel-good programs.

In any event Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) has just filed an initiative to repeal the increase, some of which has already kicked in, and put it on the 2018 ballot. They have 150 days to gather 365,880 valid signatures to get the issue on the ballot. The Attorney General (another serious leftie) has 65 days to write a title and summary, which you can bet will be as slanted and warped as possible. After that the 150 day clock starts running.

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Anonymous said...

The State of Texas Legislators are notorious for doing the same thing. The Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority is funded by a $2 fee attached to each vehicle insurance policy. This fund is supposed to fund Auto Theft Task Forces across the state. It was a dedicated fund, but legislators diverted a large portion of the money to the general fund. They take more each year.

Taking dedicated funds and using them for other things is a bad habit of politicians.