Saturday, August 16, 2014


A woman from Venezuela on a flight from Columbia to Madrid was found to be carrying 3.75 lbs. of cocaine in her implanted fake boobs

A 43-year-old Venezuelan woman took a flight from Bogota, Columbia to Madrid, Spain. As she went through customs she appeared to be very nervous. She was taken aside and all her belongings searched. Although the customs officials found nothing suspicious, the woman continued to be nervous. She was then subjected to a full body search by female officers. When they discovered irregularities and deformations in her breasts she confessed that cocaine was concealed in her breast implants.

The woman was taken to a Madrid hospital where doctors surgically removed two plastic bags from her breasts. The bags contained 3.75 lbs. of cocaine worth about $120,000.

When she gets out of a Spanish prison, the woman should return to Columbia and sue the doctor or whoever for giving her a bad boob job. Had her implants been shaped properly, she would most likely have been sent on her merry way.

Of course her predicament probably would have been avoided had she taken a bunch of tranquilizers before her arrival in Madrid.

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