Thursday, August 28, 2014


What some of the Gentle Giant’s supporters describe as him giving the peace sign is actually a gang sign

Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets can be used for good or evil. To me it appears that it is used for evil far more than for good. That is why you will not see me on Facebook, nor will you see me doing any tweets.

Michael Brown, who was shot to death by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, has been described as a Gentle Giant who was just two days away from entering college when he was ‘executed’ by an evil white cop. Which college? Now we finally know it was Vatterott College. Wait just a minute … Vatterott College is not really a college in the true sense of the word. It’s a trade school. Brown wanted to become an air conditioning repair man. That’s good … it shows Brown wanted to get an honest job. What’s not good is the attempt to deceive us by making it appear as if he was about to enter Harvard.

Some in the media complain that black shooting victims like Brown and Trayvon Martin, have been the victims of ‘thuggification’ intended to justify their deaths. In some cases that’s true. A good example is a photo purported to be of Brown showing him with a wad of cash in his mouth, pointing a Glock pistol at the camera. That photo, which has been spreading throughout the internet, is an example of the evil in social media. The picture is not of Michael Brown, but of Jodan Cain who murdered his 71-year-old great-grandmother in Portland, Oregon last year.

Here is another example of what some claim is the thuggification of Brown. Several pictures have been circulated showing him flipping-off at the camera. Come on folks, that’s nothing to get exercised about. Showing someone the birdie is a popular way of expressing oneself. I’ve done it dozens of times myself … does that make me a thug or a disreputable character? And Brown flashing his middle finger does not make him a thug either.

But what about Michael’s parents and friends painting him as a ‘Gentle Giant’ who wouldn’t harm a fly and was just a fun-loving boy about to enter college. Well, if his supporters can picture the good side of Brown, then the supporters of Darren Wilson have the right to show another side … but only if it’s true!

So here is another side of Michael Brown.

Michael committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store clerk as he and a companion stole a box of cigars and packets of cigarillos just 10 minutes before he was shot dead. No Gentle Giant then.

Michael had marijuana in his system at the time he got shot. His defenders say that smoking pot is no big deal and they point to Colorado and Washington as justification for his use of weed. While it may not be a big deal, it’s still wrong because in Missouri possession and use of marijuana is against the law. And that shows Michael was not the angel he’s been pictured to be.

Several photos show Brown giving gang hand signs. Members of the media described one picture as Brown giving the peace sign while some others described it as the ‘V for victory’ sign. Yeah, right!. Several of the pictured signs are signs typically used by members of the notorious Bloods. While that certainly does not mean Brown was a gang member, it does show Michael was far from being the saint he’s been pictured as.

Robber, pothead, gang signer … Michael Brown was not St. Michael.

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bob walsh said...

You are clearly just a racist Howie. Everybody knows the sun rose out of Big Mike Brown's ass every morning over Ferguson. Both Jesse and Al have said so, as well as CNN. They wouldn't lie about something like that.