Friday, September 03, 2010


Let's take a moment on this day that President Obama declares an end to military action, to remember what George W. Bush's "comma" looks like:
4,420 Number of American soldiers killed
31,926 Number of American soldiers wounded
100,000 Number of Iraqi citizens killed
2,255,000 Number of Iraqi citizens displaced
$900 Billion Cost of Iraq war as of July 2010
0 Number of weapons of mass destruction found
0 Number of mobile biological labs found
0 Number of canisters of Anthraz [sic] found
0 Number of canisters of biological weapons found

So as we thank our soldiers for their sacrifice and welcome them home, let's remember those that were killed, wounded, and their families, as we also remember George Bush's comma.
Here was my response:

__You forgot to blame Bush for the bedbugs! And why not blame him for the record heat, BP (might as well call it Bush Petroleum), Hurricane Earle, the volcanic eruption in Indonesia, etc.?
One thing that really frosts me about Fred’s 'Bush-Bashing' is that he lists the numbers of our troops killed and wounded during the Iraq War in an obvious attempt to hold the former president personally responsible for their deaths and wounds. Blaming Bush for these casualties of war when a Democrat controlled congress voted for and funded this war is just plain downright lowdown!

I am fully aware of what a great personal loss and deep impact the families of our fallen soldiers experience. Shit, two dear friends, Frank and Jeannine Miller - both former Houston police officers – tragically lost their only son, a 19-year-old third-generation Marine, when Ryan was killed in action while on patrol in Barwanah, Iraq.
Be that as it may, every one of our troops in Iraq volunteered to serve in our armed forces. They weren’t drafted and they knew they weren’t signing up for the Boy Scouts or the Salvation Army. Our armed forces, as well as those of any other country, are trained and exist to wage war – to kill or to be killed. Whether or not we should have gone to war with Iraq is really irrelevant.
The Iraq War lasted seven years. Let’s put our losses in perspective by comparing the Iraq War to a single battle in World War II.
The battle of Iwo Jima, a small Pacific island defended by some 22,000 Japanese soldiers, lasted 35 days, starting on February 19,1945 and ending on March 25, 1945. During those 35 days, 6, 821 Americans were killed and 19,217 were wounded. 2,400 Marines were killed on the very first day, including two of my high school buddies.
4,420 killed during seven years. 6,821 killed in 35 days. 31,926 wounded during seven years. 19,217 wounded in 35 days. While I do not mean to minimize our casualties in Iraq, I will have to say that our losses over a seven-year period were quite low.
Now let me get back to Fred’s smear of Bush. Even Oliver Stone, in his 2008 film "W", did not trash Bush the way Fred and his fellow Democrats continue to do. Fred's comments started a back-and-forth discourse between my conservative friends and this ‘yellow dog’ Democrat. My question is: How much longer are the Democrats and Obama going to keep on blaming Bush for everything imaginable. While I can find significant fault with his presidency, WHAT I BLAME BUSH MOST FOR IS OBAMA!

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Centurion said...

58,000 American dead in Vietnam.

I wonder if Fred can figure out a way to Blame Bush for that one too...